Executive Committee Position Descriptions

Descriptions of the Executive Committee Positions Taken from the PGSA Constitution


The Co-Chairs are responsible for ensuring that the PGSA mandate is being met. The Co- Chairs are responsible for organizing and chairing PGSA meetings. This involves setting the date and time of each meeting, preparing the agenda, and notifying all PGSA members of the date, time and issues to be discussed. The Co-Chairs may work together or divide the duties between them. However, the Co-Chairs ultimately work in tandem, with agreement met between the Co-Chairs regarding their duties and actions regarding the PGSA (e.g., what will be on the agenda for the upcoming meeting). If agreement is not met, then the issue of concern becomes tabled for an upcoming meeting. When one is absent, the other is expected to fulfill all of these duties. Both of the Co-Chairs are also designated cheque-signing authorities. At least one Co-Chair must sign any cheque issued from the PGSA.


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts of the PGSA up-to-date and in good order. This involves preparing a budget for the Graduate Students’ Association at the beginning of each academic year, depositing funds into the PGSA bank account, maintaining accurate banking and accounting records, recording disbursements of PGSA funds and maintaining well-organized files for funding requests and fundraising efforts, as well as acting as a PGSA cheque-signing authority. The Treasurer should arrange at the beginning of their term for all bank documents to be sent directly to them. The Treasurer is responsible for opening and checking the accuracy of all financial documents. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping all original financial documents. The Treasurer may also be asked to give a report of PGSA finances at every meeting, from a brief update to a full accounting.


The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of each PGSA meeting. Minutes must be posted to the PGSA Executive e-mail list within 1-week of a PGSA meeting. Executive members have 2 days to request changes to the minutes. The minutes are to then be posted in the Psychology Graduate mailroom (BSB 205). The Secretary is also required to send an electronic version of the minutes to the Communications Coordinator for posting on the PGSA website. The Secretary may also be requested to read minutes of previous meetings at the beginning of each PGSA meeting, unless the Executive votes to waive the reading of the minutes. The Secretary is expected to keep a file of PGSA meeting minutes in good order and post them on the PGSA bulletin board in BSB 205.

Communications Co-ordinator

The Communications Officer is responsible for disseminating information from PGSA meetings to the general membership of the PGSA. This involves sending e-mail to the psych_grads listserve regarding upcoming meetings and events, as well as general announcements of funding application deadlines and other relevant information. The Communications Officer PGSA Constitution amended May 29th, 2005 4 of 6 may be requested to create flyers, posters or other informative materials for specific events and may be involved in the updates of the PGSA Survival Guide and the annual programme for the In-House Conference. The communications officer is also responsible for maintaining the PGSA web page. The Communications Officer is responsible for maintaining ownership of the e-mail distribution list and ensuring that the e-mail archives and web-site is backed up regularly. This includes ensuring proper security is maintained with regards to site passwords and server access within the executive. The communications officer is also required to post minutes from GSA and Departmental meetings that will be provided by the designated representatives.

FGS Representative

The FGS student representative is a member of the PGSA executive, elected during the PGSA elections, and holds the position with FGS from October 1 to September 30. The rep is required to attend all of the meetings of the Council of Faculty of Graduate Studies, which are held once a month. Prior to these meetings, the FGS rep will meet with the PGSA and discuss any business on the FGS council meeting agenda that is relevant to psychology graduate students. During the FGS meetings, the FGS rep is expected to cast their vote on behalf of the general membership of Psychology graduate students. Following an FGS council meeting, the FGS student representative is responsible for reporting on issues that pertain to psychology graduate students to the psych grads listserv and at the next PGSA meeting. The FGS rep should also ensure that they are aware of the attitudes of the students in the department, by gathering information through use of the PSYCH_GRADS e-mail list, and through informal discussion with students. The FGS rep is also required to be in attendance for the Psychology Departments Graduate Executive meetings (approximately once a month).

Social Events Coordinators

Social events coordinators are responsible for the planning of specific events, such as annual holiday parties, fundraising and social events. The coordinator is responsible for booking venues for Pub Nights and ordering food (that is decided upon by the PGSA Executive) for all events. Each event coordinator may take charge of a specific event and is empowered to request the involvement of other PGSA Executive and general members to carry out specific duties. Coordinators are expected to attend PGSA meetings and keep the Executive up-to-date regarding the planning of their events.

GSA Representatives

The PGSA is required to have at least one, preferably two or three members in attendance at all GSA meetings. These meetings occur once a month and offer an interesting opportunity to be involved in the representation of York Psychology Graduate Students on a larger scale. The GSA representatives are empowered to cast their vote on behalf of the PGSA and are expected to report on issues of relevance to Psychology graduate students at the next PGSA meeting following a GSA meeting. For the PGSA to obtain full funding, the GSA representatives must attend the GSA orientation meeting, which is held in late September-early October. GSA representatives are also required to forward relevant information from the GSA Council listserve to the psych_grads listserve. The GSA representatives are also required to create minutes of GSA meetings that will be posted on the PGSA website.

Departmental Representatives

Departmental representatives are responsible for attending the monthly Graduate Executive meetings to represent the general membership of the PGSA. The Departmental Representatives have 3 voting seats at the Graduate Executive meetings. Thus, Departmental representatives are required to liaison with the Graduate office and Administration to ensure that they are aware of upcoming issues. Further, Department Representatives should ensure that they are aware of issues that pertain to PGSA members by gathering information formally and informally through discussion and use of the PSYCH_GRADS e-mail list. Departmental representatives are also required to create minutes of the departmental meetings that will be posted on the PGSA website.


The advisor must have held a co-chair position in the PGSA in the previous academic year. The advisor is responsible for offering guidance to the current co-chairs on the tasks and duties of the PGSA. This includes passing on resources from the previous year pertinent to PGSA tasks and duties.

International Students’ Coordinator

The international students’ coordinator is responsible for passing on relevant information to all international students in the department. The international students’ coordinator is responsible for assisting students, either personally, or through directing them to the appropriate authority on campus. Current students should be added to an e-mail mailing list whereby the international students’ coordinator can communicate to the group. International students will contact the coordinator throughout the year with questions concerning immigration, CUPE, scholarships and bursaries. The coordinator must have the ability and resources to help these students personally. It is not appropriate to direct students to York International for everything.